This game is absolutely amazing! Learn about business with “Coffee inc 2” smartphone game!

2032 billionaire
“Omisosan was ranked as a billionaire in 2032.

Hi! My favorite game when I was in elementary school is “Story of Seasons( Nintendo game known in Japan as Bokujō Monogatari)”. I love management simulation game.

I can be a millionaire in the game, but in reality, I never thought of doing business. But I’m getting a little interested recently.

The authentic business management game was mentioned on SNS at the right time, so I downloaded it immediately! It’s called “Coffee inc 2“!!

It costs 300 yen to install the iOS version of the smartphone app, but it’s not the quality you can get for this price!!

I played in Japanese, but this game is available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. You can select a language from the iPhone settings.

I was about to write about this game, and as of February 22, it was the top paid game in the App Store! This app was released in November 2021. It seems to be getting more buzz for beating out Watermelon Game and Minecraft.

That makes sense. After installing it, I played it like crazy for two days. (A job in the real world ……?)

I’m sorry if you are an Android user, but maybe there will be an Android version soon?

I am a beginner with little financial knowledge, but I will write down my impressions while researching points and questions that I stumbled in the beginning! If you’re a fan of simulation games or just a beginner who wants to learn about management, this article is for you!

Let’s create a brand image.

It’s a simulation game where you run a cafe by its name, but if you go ahead with it, you’ll end up investing all your money and skipping the store. Well, let me explain.

So I’m CEO Omiso _ san. The game level is beginner. It’s interesting that you can choose the currency. Capital is neither too much nor too little.

Next, let’s decide the brand logo and name! This area is the same as most management simulation games. I chose “Royal Coffee” with a luxurious image! (This is an homage to Japanese chain Coffee Kizoku.)

And the important thing is the location of the store! Basically, it is a leased property, so the tenant fee and security deposit are different in each place. Naturally, a prime location is very expensive, so I will look for a cheap place with a lot of traffic.

This process is frustrating, but tap one at a time to check and compare to decide which tenant to rent. I hope developers can improve the usability.

Once you’ve decided on the exterior of the store, the interior, and the coffee machine to use, you’re almost done!

I want to be president and earn money by having people work for me!

What kind of person you hire as a manager is also important! Hmm, I’ve done a lot of this in a convenience store management game called “The Convenience Store,” so I kind of understand the trick.

“Coffee inc 2” assigns the following status.

  • People: The ability to determine the number of staff working in the store and the hourly rate.
  • Product: The ability to set the price of a product.
  • Marketing: The ability to decide which medium to use to advertise your store.
  • Ethics: The ability to educate staff and enhance store ethics.

Of course, the higher the status, the higher the annual salary.

The manager’s annual salary can be changed even after hiring.

Personally, I think that if your human resources and ethics abilities are high, your store’s reputation will improve. So, basically, I value these two things. As for the product ability and advertising ability, I think it is enough to have more than 50.

If the product ability and advertising ability are low, customers will complain that “This cappuccino is expensive in this store” or that “Does this store not have Wi-Fi in this day and age?” and the popularity will decrease.

I decided to use recyclable resources in response to customer requests.

But! You have to be sensitive to rival stores and developments in the situation to control those abilities yourself, and it is very troublesome if you have a large number of stores to manage. Most of all, if you don’t have a manager with low ability to do these things, your status won’t go up, so even if there are some complaints from customers, I think you can basically leave it to them from the beginning.

Even a successful franchise got carried away …….

Sales of the store have been steadily increasing, so I rented an office and opened a Product division! The divisions are divided into the HR, Finance, Maerketing, Engineering, Investment, and an Exective.

Starting with the management of welfare benefits, each division should be established to check the accounting status on the balance sheet, the system development of the company’s own application, and the investment status.

You can create a “board room ” where you can discuss dividends and your own compensation, or you can hire a COO, CFO, CPO, CMO, and CTO to take charge of each divisions and make the complexity easier.

As for accounting, I can understand it to some extent, but it may feel difficult if you are not familiar with it.

But even if you don’t know the details of accounting, it’s totally okay! You can check the weekly sales, so you should review the advertising method and product price when the sales are decreasing.

Stumbling Point (1) Wait until you can make enough money to develop the product!

We release new products every season such as Starbucks, and our company will make various products!

…… OH? Your assets have been scraped. Well, if sales go up, it’ll be fine! Let’s open a store in Europe!

Huh? My sales aren’t really growing. And doesn’t it cost a lot for sales? What? Is this okay?

…… It’s not okay at all. I went bankrupt in no time.

“The company ran out of cash and went into bankruptcy. It’s a shame that your company ends like this.”

So our first business failed. You say that company management is hard to sustain, but this is what …….

Stumbling Point (2) When is the best time to trade stocks?

Pull yourself together and start the second lap! It seemed difficult at first, but don’t worry, it’s a game that you can understand the outline once you play it. You have to study hard to understand the policy rate and lobbying and to go public.

Yes, I wanted to buy and sell stocks. I’m not sure, but I’ll buy it anyway. The amount I can buy is small because I don’t have much money.

Well …… the stock price dropped and went negative all at once. I need to study about stocks, too.

But when is the right time to buy stocks?

Now, I understand. Buying when it’s cheap and selling when it’s expensive. So, look at the chart, see the lows and highs, predict the fluctuations and choose the stocks you want to buy!

Stumbling Point (3) Public offering requires a loan from an investment bank to establish a track record.

And the question of how to go public was another point that I stumbled on right after I started playing the game.

Come to think of it, I didn’t know how to go public with our company …….

When I looked it up on the internet, it didn’t hit me right away, but it seems that we should make 3 ~ 4 loans from banks and repay them repeatedly to increase revenue and profit and make a good result.

I looked for a bank with a low interest rate, borrowed money, opened a store, increased sales and repaid the loan, and finally it was done!

“Congratulations! You are the CEO of a listed company from today.

Yay! It became a public company! I didn’t know well, but I chose Mothers for now.

Should I continue to raise revenue and profit and issue stocks?

To be honest, I felt that the depth of this game lies in elements other than cafe management. Just like in the real world, there are political and financial movements in each city.

You can donate money to politicians who want to win mayoral elections, and also you can find and invest in startups that have momentum at tech conferences and events.

There is a summary of financial results every three months, and it seems to be good to confirm the decrease in sales and increase in sales of companies in quarterly reports.

This is my company’s stock!

I want children as well as adults to learn by playing this game! (Beware of in-app purchases)

There’s still more to write about, but that’s it for this one.

This is the first time I’ve played such a fully developed management simulation game, but there are so many elements to it that I still have a lot of fun to write!

And readers, there is one caveat! In fact, if you want to do business other than running a cafe, such as buying a real estate, venture, or sports team, you need to make in-app purchases.

However, the total charge is about 1500 to 1600 yen including 300 yen for installation.

If you play this game as a high school or college student, you will learn a lot about society, and even as an adult, you will learn a lot for someone like me who doesn’t know much about business. It is also good to gain accounting knowledge.

Because I didn’t check the election trends, I got a huge fine due to the enforcement of the Equal Opportunity Law. It’s kind of annoying to think about gender bias, but it’s a good game to teach you something important …….

However, there is an irony that when politicians move to make management more convenient, they move to the right ……. In the game, they must become the personification of capitalism.

Maybe we can use this in school. In these days when money literacy is being called out, I would like to thank the producers for making wonderful games that you can learn while playing! (Apparently, it was made by only one person.)